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Pixxures announces cooperative research and development agreement with the USGS

Pixxures, has announced that the company has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to develop a prototype Internet portal for delivery of imagery for The National Map, https://nationalmap.usgs.gov. Under terms of the CRADA, Pixxures and the USGS will work in tandem to develop an optimal system to deliver imagery online, directly into user applications. Both parties will work under this program to accelerate the exchange of information between the private sector and local, state, and federal governments.

Pixxures was one of the original purchasers of the entire USGS Digital Orthophoto Quad dataset and the company subscribes to all DOQ updates as they are released by the USGS. With the original mandate of the USGS DOQ program now approaching completion, huge volumes of aerial image datasets have been acquired and compiled. These datasets have been stored at the USGS and distributed via traditional electronic media.

Now, using a combination of off-the-shelf software and Pixxures’ technology to host and distribute imagery data across the Internet, the entire USGS DOQ content, including updates, can be distributed to public, private and government users over the Internet. The CRADA will test various Web service technologies to find the optimal solution for providing imagery for The National Map and determine the best foundation for integrating, sharing, and using spatial data. Pixxures and the USGS will demonstrate a new approach to delivering current information that retains other valued characteristics such as positional accuracy and completeness.

“The Internet plays a vital role in the wide and immediate distribution of information to a large and geographically distributed audience,” said Larry Herd, Vice President of Internet Business at Pixxures. “By establishing a centralized Internet distribution center for spatial data, for example, DOQ imagery may be distributed in real time, on demand, for site-specific responses to thousands of users. This service will provide one of the many critical data layers for The National Map.”

“The National Map requires many partners – including Pixxures – to play critical roles in the success of the project,” said George Y.G. Lee, National Digital Orthophoto Program Manager at the USGS. “We are identifying federal agencies, state and regional partners, private industry partners, and academic partners as key participants to provide and maintain content, provide technological implementations, and add value and service to meet public demand.”

The CRADA, to be completed within 12 months, is designed to produce a prototype Web service that optimizes speed of delivery, image quality and data storage.

“We will be researching innovative technologies for delivering DOQ map and data services under our CRADA with Pixxures”, said Jean Paulson, Technical Lead for the project. “USGS will integrate Pixxures’ services into many National Map demonstrations that incorporate both public and private sector involvement.”