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Pixxures and GeoTel announce strategic alliance

Pixxures, Inc., an online mapping services company, and GeoTel a key provider of telecommunications infrastructure data, today announced an exclusive partnership to make their information available as a complete package for business decision support via Pixxures’ online mapping services portal. It will be the most comprehensive online repository of telecommunications infrastructure data and map imagery in the world and can be accessed on each companies’ Web sites at https://www.pixxures.com/ and https://www.geo-tel.com/. Users can also link this information directly into their own Internet and intranet sites via Pixxures’ dynamic and simple online subscription services.

GeoTel digitally maps e-infrastructure by combing intelligent spatial telecommunications databases with relational database management systems. Datasets include carrier fiber points of presence (POPs), fiber “lit” buildings, cell towers, central offices, Internet exchanges, (MAEs_NAPS), carrier neutral collocation facilities, data centers and carrier IP backbones. This information is then overlaid on aerial photography provided by Pixxures’ online Image Library, which hosts over 25 terabytes of imagery and other mapping information of the continental United States. This is the first such service ever offered to vertical markets such as real estate, oil and gas, insurance and telecommunications to make planning and business support decisions easier.

Under the terms of the alliance, Pixxures and GeoTel agreed to provide map imagery and telecommunications data as value-added services in each of their markets. Co-branded marketing and sales will allow each company to offer this information to key audiences.