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Pixxures, Aerial Services enter into partnership

USA: XeDAR’s Pixxures subsidiary is partnering with Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI), to support ASI’s effort to collect and process comprehensive geographic aerial imagery for the State of Iowa. The value of the contract is just under $350,000 per year; the work will begin in Q1, 2009. The contract stipulates that ASI and Pixxures provide high-resolution aerial imagery of the great majority of Iowa’s 99 counties, to a 2-foot resolution, using Leica ADS digital sensors and processing capabilities. ASI brings the latest high-resolution ADS SH82 available while Pixxures, which has been acquiring and processing ADS imagery for over four years, will provide the bulk of the processing capability experience and expertise for the project.

“Pixxures is well suited and has been working hand-in-hand with Aerial Services to provide the State of Iowa the level of quality, service, communication, and speed required for their statewide orthophoto project,” stated Steve Jennings, Pixxures’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We feel our strong partnership with Aerial Services will prove beneficial to this immediate project and other large area collections in the United States.”

A potentially substantial tertiary benefit to this contract is the significant buy-up potential. The initial costs of producing these high-resolution images are born by this contract, but the State of Iowa has agreed that interested third parties can avail themselves of the aerial missions. Entities such as local governments, conservation groups, GIS firms, and others in need of precise geospatial solutions capitalize on this opportunity to attain very high resolution imagery – to 6-inch accuracies – at competitive prices, since the mobilization costs of initiating the project are covered.

“We anticipate that the buy-up sales could provide substantial sales for us and for ASI well into the future. These are very precise, high-resolution images, available at reduced costs to the client – but at solid margins for Pixxures and ASI. We think it’s a win-win,” Jennings said.

Pixxures also anticipates that this contract with the State of Iowa could lead to other, similar contracts in the near future, further “solidifying what is already a promising and valuable partnership” with ASI.