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Pixoneer Geomatics Announces Worldwide Release of Earth 2.2

Pixoneer Geomatics, Incorporated announce the worldwide release of Earth 2.2 image processing software. EARTH 2.2 is a fully functional state-of-the art image processing software that offers easy to use tools for preprocessing, visualization, manipulation, and analysis of imagery and other spatial data.

EARTH 2.2 New Features Include:

1. Enhancement of the IMPORT module to support the following data formats:

EROS level 1A, 1B
ASTER level 1A, 1B
ECW compressed file
2. Extension of the VISUAL ANALYZER module to feature:

Multiple Raster and Vector file opening plus a log of the most recent files opened (up to 4 files)
Text menus to navigate through module tools
A Previous Zoom function
A Class Information function
A Mask Image tool
New post classification tools are added for area calculation using classified results. In addition, the Resize tool is redesigned to use Vector and Image files. Also, our robust Mosaicking tool is improved to support spatial sub-setting during the mosaicking process. EARTH offers several robust tools integrated into one geospatial data analysis package. These tools allow the user to preprocess, visualize, manipulate and analyze remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial data in a single, integrated environment. EARTH features an easy-to-use icon based interface, consisting of seven modules including a visual analyzer, file utilities with multiple import/export options, several optical (multispectral) imagery and radar data processing functions, DEM generation tools, a 3D visualization and analysis module, and a robust built in map composer. EARTH image processing software also supports a variety of data formats.