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Pix4Dcapture comes to Yuneec H520 ST16S

US: Yuneec has announced the availability of Pix4Dcapture on its H520 ST16S ground station controller. Pix4D is a software application that creates professional, georeferenced maps and models from drone imagery, giving users the ability to map flight plans and set customized mapping parameters.

Pix4D’s free mission planning app Pix4Dcapture will be pre-installed on all future Yuneec’s H520 ST16s ground stations and available via software update for existing H520 owners.

“We are glad to support Yuneec’s H520 in Pix4Dcapture, the most versatile data capture application in the drone industry,” says Lorenzo Martelletti, Sales and Marketing Director of Pix4D. “The tight integration, built on the PX4 stack, will result in a better flight experience for pilots and will ensure optimal representation of sitemaps or aggregate volumetrics for verticals such as law enforcement, inspection and construction.”

“Pix4D is a leader in UAV mapping software. Pix4Dcapture seamlessly integrates into the H520 platform and will provide our pilots with a dependable solution,” said Frank DeMartin, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Yuneec USA. “Pilots in verticals such as law enforcement, inspection and construction will appreciate the ability to customize flight plans and parameters, view maps in multiple orientations and complete different missions for various use cases.”

Pix4Dcapture Highlighted Features:

  • Pix4Dcapture on ST16S is equipped with two different missions types, grid and double grid, providing flexibility for various projects
  • Pilots can adjust the flight plan and parameters to customize mapping parameters such as image overlap, camera angle or flight altitude according to required needs
  • Once the flight has commenced, Pix4Dcapture offers two views:
    • Map View: provides live telemetry including flight altitude and speed
    • Camera View: provides the live feed from the camera