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Pix4D releases Version 1.3, provides GPU support

Automatic Brightness and Color Correction - Pix4Dmapper Version 1.3 Switzerland – Pix4D announced the release of Pix4Dmapper V1.3. The new update features NVIDIA GPU support for faster processing. For initial processing, GPU support will improve processing speed from 10% to 75%, depending on image content and project size.

Other feature update includes support for creates a full 3D textured mesh that can be exported in OBJ and PLY format and be used for Fly-through animations.

This also has the new feature automatically compensates for change of brightness, luminosity and color balancing of images to generate visually improved orthomosaics. As an option, this correction can also be applied to the reflectance map.

Pix4Dmapper V1.3 brings many other improvements such as project splitting for large scale mapping projects, standard camera rig support for more robust and faster processing of camera rigs from known manufacturers, improved point cloud editing and Fly-through animations, to mention just the most important.

Source: Pix4D