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Pix4D, Parrot present drone solution at IREC

US: Civil drone manufacturer Parrot and mapping software developer Pix4D will present their 3D modelling drone solution on Thursday at Cannes at the MIPIM conference. Pix4D’s flight planning mobile app can now fly Parrot’s Bebop 2 drone: automatically capturing images of buildings to create digital 3D models using Pix4D software.

“The Bebop 2, because it is so compact, lightweight and easy to operate, is probably the safest drone available with a camera,” said Christoph Strecha, CEO and founder of Pix4D. The 500g drone, when used with the Pix4Dcapture mobile flight planning app, automatically scans selected areas by taking images customized for Pix4Dmapper Mesh desktop software, where they are processed to produce photorealistic 3D models.

“Thanks to our software, it can generate beautiful and interesting 3D models for real estate applications and even be used to 3D print your house,” said Strecha. “Bebop 2 and Pix4D bring an excellent prosumer level of 3D models to real estate agents or asset managers, derived from proven experience with professional drones and Pix4Dmapper Pro.”

Realtors can now easily create 3D models by themselves, publish them online, and show to prospective buyers who experience the property in 3D. Strecha and Yannick Lévy, Executive VP of Corporate Business Development at Parrot, will speak about the drone solution on Thursday, March 17 at 16h.

“Real Estate is a sector conductive to innovation that could greatly benefit from drone technology,” said Lévy. “That’s why MIPIM is an ideal conference for us to meet industry professionals and share with them our vision of the future of real estate.” 

Source: Pix4D