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Pix4D offers autonomous mapping with DJI Phantom

US, November 14, 2014: Pix4Dmapper has developed a new mapping app using DJI’s software development kit (SDK) SDK to turn drones such as DJI Phantom2 Vision into an autonomous mapping and measuring tool for creating 2D maps and 3D models.

The app is currently available for Android devices and it allows user to map areas by defining various types of flights. Users can select flight areas and height to create a fully automatic mapping flight, or fly the drone using the remote control. The app automatically calculates in real-time when to acquire images to cover the area optimally, as well as enhance image attributes and characteristics.

Once the images acquired, the app guides the user on how to convert them automatically into orthomosaics, point clouds, elevation models, or textured 3D models, using Pix4Dmapper on a PC, on the cloud or in the near future also on a tablet and phone.

“More and more customers use the DJI Phantom to explore the possibilities of UAS mapping and modelling. Our aim with the Pix4Dmapper App for Phantom2 Vision is to simplify the user experience all the while guaranteeing the best and most accurate results achievable. I believe that this will help to democratize UAS mapping for a wide range of professionals and, with their first experiences in hand, increase their confidence in UAS based mapping,” says Christoph Strecha, CEO and Founder of Pix4D.

Source: Pix4Dmapper