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Pix4D introduces new products, new innovations designed for real work

One of the best aspects of user conferences is getting a sneak peek at new products. At Pix4D’s User Conference in Denver today, the company introduced two soon-to-be-released offerings: Pix4Dsurvey and Pix4Dreact.


Product manager Nate Moore offered an overview of Pix4Dsurvey, a tool that bridges the gap between photogrammetry and computer aided design and drafting (CAD) tools.

CAD tools replace manual drafting – and they are used extensively in engineering and construction projects.  Photogrammetry and 3D models are growing in importance in the industry: but Moore explains that after acquiring drone data and processing, removing noise and getting the data into CAD tools can represent a big investment in time and manual effort.  “It’s not uncommon to hear of people who spend one morning flying and three days removing noise and doing everything else that needs to be done,” explains Moore.

Pix4Dsurvey is designed to reduce those three days, smoothing the workflow for digital surveyors and engineers.  “We see this as a next step in Pix 4D photogrammetry workflows,” says Moore.

Pix4Dsurvey is a standalone product, and allows users to take data from multiple sources including Pix4Dmapper.  The product is designed to provide seamless merging of photogrammetry point clouds and images, LiDAR and third part point clouds in a single product.  It helps users optimize vectorization and extraction of essential information, such as bottom of top of curbs and catenaries.  In closed beta now, Pix4D expects to release Pix4Dsurvey in early 2020.