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Pitney Bowes MapInfo and WSI join forces to provide real time Weather Risk Data

Washington, 08 May 2007: Pitney Bowes MapInfo announced an alliance with WSI Corporation to integrate real-time and forecasted weather information within the Pitney Bowes MapInfo Web-based location intelligence applications.

The partnership will deliver global, real-time, forecasted and historical weather information, as well as analytics including North American and European radar information. Also available will be global satellite imagery, proprietary tropical forecasts for the U.S., Japan, and Australia, European wind forecasts, earthquake monitoring and WSI’s proprietary Hot Storm Index which derives the potential impact of severe weather events including hail, wind and flooding from raw NEXrad radar data.

The current joint agreement is expected to help during disaster risk assessments and management which allows for more proactive and efficient mobilization of claims resources in the wake of a catastrophe. Historic or forecasted weather information can be used to develop more robust policy rating models and to assess portfolio risk exposures to catastrophes and natural disasters. The data is expected to play a vital role in flood zone assessments.

“Our leading-edge research and development team constantly strives to translate weather information into more powerful and useful tools that will provide great benefits to the reinsurance decision-making process,” said Ira Scharf, WSI’s Vice President of Energy & Risk Services. “Combine the expertise of WSI with the capabilities of Pitney Bowes MapInfo and you have a great product resulting from years of research and development that will provide insurance executives with the ability to leverage vast data repositories, right from their own desktops, to make better decisions regarding risk.”

WSI Corporation is a provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, media, energy and insurance markets. WSI’s weather information and expertise will help its customers to make decisions in operational planning. Visit www.wsi.com for more information.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo, part of Pitney Bowes is a provider of location based solutions, integrating software, data and services data and services for private and government organizations around the world. Visit www.mapinfo.com and www.pb.com for more information.