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Pitney Bowes launches platform to enhance customer intelligence

US: Pitney Bowes on Friday announced the launch of its new Single Customer View software solution that can help organisations to enhance and deepen their understanding of customers in the Digital Era. Single Customer View allows organisations to rapidly design, deliver and evolve contextually-relevant views about a customer in real-time across all channels of engagement, whether that customer happens to be a consumer, organisation, citizen, patient, or potential fraudster.

Many organisations still lack the ability to enhance their customer understanding beyond what they see inside their CRM system or E-commerce interactions. With the Pitney Bowes offering, clients can link these fragmented pockets of knowledge about the customer across systems of records, insights and interactions to deliver richer context. An agile approach allows new context to be added quickly to existing customer profiles to uncover timely and actionable insights.

In recent years, customer information has exploded with the addition of data generated through mobile devices and social media chatter. While many organisations are equipping themselves to handle the volume, velocity and variety of big data, focus must also be placed on the veracity of big data. The accuracy of data will ultimately dictate an organisation’s ability to drive relevant and meaningful experiences across a customer’s journey, and it will impact the ability to mitigate risk by identifying patterns of fraud.

The new solution is powered by the release of Spectrum Technology Platform v11, the delivery platform of Pitney Bowes’ customer analytics and Master Data Management capabilities, for which Pitney Bowes was recently recognised as a leader by industry analysts.

“Spectrum has met and exceeded our expectations in the versatility and flexibility of how it continues to improve our cleanup and duplicate identification processes in an independent, streamlined way,” said Joel Gutiérrez Garcia, Director General of Information Management.

By delivering contextually-relevant customer intelligence across the enterprise, organisations can expect to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve customer satisfaction and mitigate risk.

Source: Pitney Bowes