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Pipeline Open Data Standard Association releases PODST Data Model v3.1

The PODST Association has released PODST Model v3.1. This release represents the most comprehensive data model for the pipeline industry and the composite of work from operators and service providers from across the oil and gas pipeline industry. Building upon PODST Release 2 (ISAT version 2), released in September 2000, PODST 3.1 is primarily an expansion of important new tables and new attributes. Other improvements for Release 3.1 include better support for metric units, support for Close Interval Survey data, improved data types for many tables, improvements to Pump Stations, and improved constraints and checks.

PODST release 3.0 was approved by the PODST Board of Directors in October 2002. Release 3.1 was approved January 22, 2003 and will initially be sent to all current PODST members. A PDF diagram of release 3.1 is available for download at the PODST web site www.pods.org. PODST 3.1 was developed for Oracle 8i/9i and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Release 3.1 continues the idea of being a GIS-neutral data model — one that can be readily integrated with GIS platforms but does not itself have GIS-specific components.

The PODST data model was developed by the PODS technical committee — volunteer members of the PODST Association consisting of operators and service providers. In May of 2002, the technical committee met with three inline inspection tool vendors to validate the proposed in-line inspection portion of the data model. By the end of the meeting, the three vendors, PII, Tuboscope and Rosen all agreed that the model was suitable for loading data from their exported formats.