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Pinebush and Lizardtech offer solutions for faster printing of MrSID imagery

LizardTech, Inc. and PINEBUSH Technologies have announced the availability of specially discounted series of modules that enable MrSID(r) Geo users to dramatically increase efficiency in the output of high-resolution MrSID images. Now available in PINEBUSH’s HyperXpress(r) RIP (Raster Image Processor) printing product is the ability to output MrSID imagery and drastically reduce – by as much as 90% or more – both image printing time and the file size delivered to standard printing or plotting devices.

PINEBUSH Technologies’ HyperXpress is a high-performance printing and plotting solution that can print large complex designs (of any size) on any desktop printer or large format plotter. LizardTech’s MrSID, the preferred image format for geospatial professionals, is a wavelet-based imaging technology that reduces high-resolution images to less than five percent of their original file size while maintaining original image quality. Incorporating HyperXpress in the MrSID printing support offers GIS, CAD, remote sensing, and other high-resolution imagery users the ability to reduce both printing time and output file size that occurs when plotting massive image mosaics in formats such as TIFF and MrSID.

Now available are special pricing discounts for MrSID Geo 1.5 users plus additional solutions for ESRI and MapInfo customers. For new or upgraded customers of the recently released MrSID Geo version 1.5, LizardTech is currently including a free demo CD of HyperXpress plus special pricing discounts. In addition, ESRI and MapInfo customers will greatly benefit from
recently released modules designed and tested to enable seamless access to HyperXpress for printing directly from products such as ESRI’s ArcView 3.2 and ArcGIS 8.1 as well as from MapInfo Professional 6.x products.