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Pilot project to view residential properties through satellite launched in Pakistan

LAHORE – The Excise and Taxation Department Punjab has launched the pilot project of digital mapping to view residential and commercial properties through satellite in the City, The Nation learnt here on Tuesday.

The Punjab Urban Unit will provide its technical and administrative facilities in this regard. The project will be launched throughout the Punjab in phases.

During the firs phase, the Excise and Taxation Department will focus on 12,000 residential and commercial areas of Gulberg.

The project will help the Excise and Taxation Department to examine each and every part of the property through satellite to evaluate its actual size. Available date to the department will facilitate it to determine the percentage of tax.

The project will also oblige the people to get tax information. It will also help them to pay their taxes though on-line facility. The department will use Graphical Information System (GIS) in the project with the collaboration of its own Information Technology institution.

Director Region Akram Ashraf Gondal said that the project would not only be beneficial for the department but also for the taxpayers. He said that with the help of project, a person would be able to find out his residential and commercial side through Internet.

He said that the GIS would help acquiring, analysing and processing spatial data obtained from satellite images as well as from traditional sources such as aerial photographs and ground based surveys. He said that the department would be equipped with the state of the art hardware, software and lab facilities.

It may be recalled that during the project the people working in the department will be trained through courses, which will assist them to learn the theoretical aspects of remote sensing and the GIS technologies but will also provide ‘hands on experience’.

The GIS involves assessment of users’ requirements, designing databases, customizing and development of Graphical User Interface (GUI).