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Pilot agreement doubles the number of users

The number of government departments and agencies using Britain’s most detailed digital map data has more than doubled in just six months, Ordnance Survey’s Director General and Chief Executive, Vanessa Lawrence, will announce at the GIS 2002 expo today (September 17).

Around 40 more central government organisations are beginning to harness the power of geographical information (GI) following the launch in April of a groundbreaking pilot agreement reflecting the importance of location to policy making and the management and delivery of public services.

The year-long pilot agreement – involving Ordnance Survey, its traditional government users and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister – allows all parts of central government to access the map data. It has already helped introduce GI to major departments at the heart of policymaking – including the Cabinet Office, Department of Health, and DTI – as well as regional government offices across the country.

It is expected that the pilot will build into a permanent agreement in the near future with the potential to help departments meet their 2005 e-delivery targets.