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Pierce Aerospace and DRONEDEK team for global drone deliveries

US: Indiana drone startups Pierce Aerospace, a leading Remote ID UAS Service Supplier (RID-USS), and DRONEDEK LLC, a leading smart mailbox company, have teamed to advance commercial drone delivery.

The collaboration unites Pierce Aerospace’s Remote Identification expertise and technologies and DRONEDEK’s patent portfolio in last-mile logistics, including a drone mailbox system. The teams’ combined systems provide the infrastructure that enables scalably of authenticated package delivery to government, commercial, institutional, and residential locations throughout the world. The result is authenticated, to-your-door-delivery, that is both private and secure.

Pierce Aerospace’s Flight Portal ID Remote ID service provides a means to authenticate “who’s who” in the airspace through either network or local broadcast capabilities. DRONEDEK is a smart Internet of Things (IoT) mailbox that is designed to accept drone deliveries securely. Flight Portal ID integrated into DRONEDEK gives consumers assurance about the drones flying over their neighborhoods while enabling the drone to authenticate deliveries to the mailboxes below. With this partnership, neighbors can confirm that the drones arriving in their communities are authorized to be there.

Aaron Pierce, CEO Pierce Aerospace, said, “By pairing Flight Portal ID with DRONEDEK, we can deliver trust from the sky to the ground, verifying that the drones arriving at DRONEDEKs are the drones the consumers expect to be delivering their packages. At the macro level, this partnership establishes the infrastructure to scale drone delivery operations in the last mile. The network effect of distributed DroneDek mailboxes equipped with Flight Portal ID technology further assures consumers and communities about drones overhead while strengthening and advancing the overall commercial drone delivery business model for all parcel carriers.”

Pierce continued, “Drone delivery is still in its infancy, but infrastructure partnerships like this open the threshold and produce the conditions for remarkable societal development. We’re approaching a historical point in postal services akin to Benjamin Franklin’s reorganization of the postal service, the first mailbox adoptions in the mid-1800s, airmail, and private sector parcel innovations of the last few decades. I’m excited to see where this market takes all of us as we grow together in this new age of aviation and delivery.”

Dan O’Toole, CEO of DroneDek, added, “DRONEDEK changes the way commerce happens. By nature of our features, connectivity, and saturation, we are a natural partner of this important Remote ID technology that ultimately benefits the consumer.”

The companies have already identified US and international pilot opportunities and welcome additional collaborative participation.