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Pictometry unveils Extension for ESRI ArcGIS, EFS version 2.7

Rochester, USA, 6 December 2006 – Pictometry International Corp., the company into digital, aerial oblique imagery and measuring software systems today announced a number of new technical advancements of its software that were recently introduced at its FutureView User Conference.

– Pictometry Extension for ESRI ArcGIS
GIS departments can now utilize a number of new enhancements with Pictometry’s Extension for ArcGIS. Pictometry’s Extension for ArcGIS allows digital oblique imagery to be viewed and used inside a variety of ESRI products. The power of oblique imagery combined with the power of GIS all within the ESRI operating environment opens many doors for GIS professionals. The Pictometry Extension is available for ArcGIS/ArcMap 9.X and ArcIMS.

There are three primary Pictometry functions within the extension; View, Navigate, and Measure as well as ESRI-like GIS functions.

– Pictometry EFS version 2.7
Scheduled to be released in 2007 and currently in beta at a number of customer sites, a few of the many features of EFS 2.7 that Pictometry customers will receive free of charge will include:

1. Over 100 new Component Object Module interfaces.
2. The ability to easily add custom tools.
3. Improved data exporting capabilities with the ability to enter data directly into database forms.
4. Automated feature labeling on both maps and images such as house numbers, street addressing, and other GIS data.
5. Geographic grid creation, either rectangular or radial, ideal for search and rescue and recovery, with the ability to easily record findings into each grid cell and store it in a GIS database.
6. Modular Penta Viewer – the ability to configure, adjust, and navigate in multiple, coordinated viewing windows of oblique and orthorectified images in an intuitive manner. You select which view, ortho centric or oblique centric, meets your needs.

– About Pictometry
Pictometry International is a software company that provides visual information systems. The company’s patented imaging process captures georeferenced, high-resolution oblique (at an angle, 3D-like view) and ortho (straight down) Intelligent Images(r) of counties and states. For more information on Pictometry, visit www.pictometry.com.