Pictometry to launch Strategic Advantage Suite

Pictometry to launch Strategic Advantage Suite


Rochester, USA, August 3, 2007: Pictometry International Corp., provider of digital, aerial oblique imagery and easy-to-use measuring software systems, announced that it will formally launch its Strategic Advantage Suite at APCO 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland from August 5 – 9, 2007, to the Public Safety Community.

The Strategic Advantage Suite is a mobile PC based command station that will provides law enforcement professionals and others in the public safety community with the real time information they need to successfully stage surveillance points, preplan raids, deploy and monitor resources, and produce safer and more effective incident management outcomes.

Along with Pictometry’s software, other technologies comprising the Strategic Advantage Suite include:

  • A self contained remote camera component that enables officials to monitor distant incident areas from the internet. The system is based on wireless cellular and does not require an internet connection for the camera.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracking software that enables monitoring vehicle locations in real time, and viewing them on Pictometry oblique imagery – displaying the precise location of equipment and personnel during incidents.
  • The Pictometry Strategic Planner (PSP) combines rapid creation of realistic 3D models and detailed oblique imagery of the incident scene. PSP provides line of sight tools that can help law enforcement identify obstacles, optimally place manpower and equipment, plan raids, view weapons range, and virtually navigate through the scene with realistic 3D fly-throughs. The ShotSpotter gunshot detection and location system that provides a tool which identifies the occurrence of a weapon discharge, and its precise address location, and then displays Pictometry’s unique imagery of the address in the Electronic Field Study system.

    “Combining these different technologies into one integrated system produces a tool that is greater than the sum of its parts, This combined system decreases response time, reduces crime rates, and improves responder safety.” said Dante Pennacchia, Chief Marketing Officer.