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Pictometry to launch Eco-View and Real3D

Rochester, USA, September 06, 2007: Pictometry International Corp., digital, aerial oblique imagery and software systems provider, announced that it will formally introduce two new products for the assessor and appraiser communities at IAAO 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia from September 9 – 12, 2007.

Pictometry provides the assessor and appraisal community a number of products, including oblique (at an angle), orthogonal (straight down) aerial imagery, and street level images. Its Electronic Field Study (EFS) software allows users to see everywhere, measure anything, and plan everything; and its ChangeFindr software combined with HouseDiff identifies changes and additions to existing structures, demolitions, new construction, and other real property, saving assessors valuable time and effort.

The integration of Pictometry’s Electronic Field Study (EFS) measurement software with new products provides an even more compelling set of solutions for assessors and appraisers. These new products include:

  • Eco-View – Combines the diagnostic power of near infrared (NIR) technology with high-resolution oblique aerial images from Pictometry. Eco-View is a remote sensing tool that is useful for assessment and appraisal. This proprietary software can be used to assess the potential impact of watershed developments, and wastewater and toxic leakage on future land use and values. Eco-View integrates into Pictometry’s Electronic Field Survey (EFS) for ease of use.
  • Real3D – Pictometry’s Real3D Suite of models and specialized modelers provide a new and unique tool to aid assessment. Simulated fly – throughs provide multiple views of a property, as well as revealing characteristics of immediate and nearby areas that can increase or decrease property values, such as beachfront, mountain views, and commercial or industrial development. These models are created from Pictometry’s oblique aerial imagery, and a variety of options are available to meet specialized needs.

    “Pictometry has made a commitment to continually enhance its product offerings to the assessor and appraiser communities” said Dante Pennacchia, Chief Marketing Officer. “By offering 3D models and infrared solutions in addition to change analysis and street view offerings, Pictometry is offering up a whole new way for assessors and appraisers to see and analyze areas and structures of interest without leaving their office” added Pennacchia.