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Pictometry releases 3D models of FIFA 2010 stadiums for journo

US: Pictometry International along with its Australian licensee AAM, released new Pictometry imagery and Pictometry Real 3D models of FIFA 2010 world cup stadiums for the use of international media.

Dante Pennacchia Pictometry’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “Pictometry is already working with major TV networks in the US as well as major newspapers to provide this up-to-date, stunning imagery. We want to share our spectacular imagery and 3D models with broadcasters around the globe.”

Pictometry Real 3D enables users to simulate a view that appears to zoom in on a stadium from space and allow users to fly in and around a location to give audiences a real-time experience. Further, Pennacchia added, “Our 3D is so realistic viewers think that they’re seeing stadiums in real time from a blimp or helicopter when, in fact they’re looking at Pictometry Real 3D.”

Pictometry imagery of locations outside the US is captured by licensees including AAM Pty. Using Pictometry’s image capture system, licensees capture high resolution geo-referenced images for every square foot of a location, giving users multiple views of a location and the ability to annotate and measure directly on images, a feature which is being increasingly utilised in sports coverage.

“The imagery and 3D stadiums are just a part of our larger national imaging efforts in South Africa where we have imaged the bulk of South Africa’s urban infrastructure,” said Brian Nicholls, General Manager of AAM. “Communities across South Africa will benefit from Pictometry products through improved community services, reduced costs and better decision making”.

Source: AAM, Pictometry