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Pictometry receives new orders for its ChangeFindr software solution

Rochester, USA, 3 March 2007 – Pictometry International Corp., a company providing digital, aerial oblique imagery and measuring software, announced that its expansive technology is providing unique solutions that encompass many aspects of potential change values that counties need to monitor for both properties and land usage.

Pictometry has received new orders for its ChangeFindr software solution that will encompass over 1.2 million land parcels at customer installations across USA. Orders for the new ChangeFindr parcels will be fulfilled in the spring of 2007.

ChangeFindr is the combination of the Pictometry Change Analysis software module contained in Pictometry’s Electronic Field Study Software (EFS) and Hitachi Software’s HouseDiff service. The combined technology enables GIS professionals, real property tax agencies, planning departments, and public safety users to more easily compare changes in land and property features between existing county aerial photos and new imagery of the same area. Aerial data can be from existing ortho imagery.

The HouseDiff process automatically detects and identifies (highlights) changes in an area such as additions to existing structures, demolitions, land use changes, and new construction. Pictometry Change Analysis then simultaneously displays the old and the corresponding new image with the changes determined by HouseDiff, highlighted in each image.

Pictometry’s Change Analysis also allows sequential viewing and use of oblique data to better verify and analyze all detected changes. This comparative analysis can include new and old ortho images, new and old oblique images, and new and old near-infrared images, whether from existing image libraries or from new image libraries captured by Pictometry.

For agencies responsible for public works, engineering, assessing, and planning for their communities, this powerful solution more effectively enables them to evaluate building and property updates, as well as land usage over time to ensure proper growth and use of the area’s natural resources and supporting infrastructure.

Pictometry’s patented aerial imaging technology captures and catalogues image libraries of entire counties and states. The company’s easy-to-use software (EFS) allows users to access up to 20 oblique (3D-like) aerial photos of every square foot in an area, including every building, highway, or other feature.

The software also enables users to instantly obtain measurements such as distance, height, building facades, and area directly from the Intelligent Images as well as overlay GIS data and create fully textured, Pictometry Real3D models. Pictometry is Hitachi Software’s Master North American distributor for the HouseDiff service offering.

“We are very pleased with how the requests for our combined technology are progressing,” said Hitachi Software Global Sales Manager Miki Matsuda. “Additional hardware is not required, enabling an easy data file update to access the HouseDiff information into Pictometry. We anticipate even more success with this exciting product offering in the near future.”

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