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Pictometry helping to restore cultural landmarks

US: Pictometry International in association with the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) is helping Haiti’s devastated economic base by preserving cultural locations for tourism and commerce.

At this time, the ICOMOS organisation reports that it was securing satellite imagery and historic map data from GeoEye, NASA, Google, World Bank, the World Monuments Fund, Conservation Tech Consulting, Sparks Engineering and the GISCorps when it became aware of the availability of Pictometry imagery through the GISCorps. As a result, ICOMO began utilising mapping data in conjunction with the Pictometry oblique image data sets to evaluate historic areas damaged by the earthquake

ICOMOS has established a protocol for using mapping data and imagery to identify and restore historic areas. It puts volunteers’ scan historic maps from the 18th and 19th centuries then overlay the maps on imagery to locate the footprint of a structure on a historic map and match damaged structures to those on the images. Locations are then tagged as a potential historic site and are examined in greater detail. The oblique views and high resolution detail of Pictometry imagery allows examiners to distinguish between earthquake damage and pre-existing damage or demolition. ICOMOS volunteers then share the imagery and information with Haitian authorities to protect historic structures and ensure that they will not be demolished.

Source: Pictometry