Pictometry announces master distributorship for wireless internet camera from DigitalXtractions

Pictometry announces master distributorship for wireless internet camera from DigitalXtractions


New York, 22 March 2007: Pictometry International Corp., the worldwide leader in digital, aerial oblique imagery and easy-to-use measuring software systems today announced that it has entered into an agreement with DigitalXtractions Inc., of Rochester, NY to be the master distributor of DigitalXtractions’ SCIRC t1 camera.

DigitalXtractions’ SCIRC t1 is a wireless, self-powered Internet remote camera that was developed through a sponsored research partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology’s High Tech Incubator, Venture Creations. The camera is fully portable and self-powered by battery or solar cell. The device captures digital photographs and real time video from any remote location and then transmits the data via cellular technology for live viewing on any device with web access such as computers, PDAs, and cell phones.

“With this unique advantage first responders will be able to view incidents in progress in real time while planning on Pictometry’s high-resolution aerial oblique images and software,” said Pictometry Chief Marketing Officer Dante Pennacchia. “Combined with our proven solutions installed at over 400 counties, this real time camera provides our customers with another tool they can readily add to their Pictometry system.”

Pictometry’s patented aerial imaging technology captures and catalogues image libraries of entire counties and states. The company’s industry-leading software allows users to access up to 20 oblique aerial photos of every square foot in an area, including every building, highway, or other feature. The software also enables users to instantly obtain measurements such as distance, height, and areas on both horizontal and vertical structures, directly from the Intelligent Images® as well as overlay GIS data and create fully textured, Pictometry Real3D™ models. As an ESRI Developer Partner, Pictometry also provides additional GIS solutions for ESRI that include an ArcGIS extension, ArcIMS integration, ArcSDE support, and a COM interface.For complete product specifications as well as sales and technical information, visit