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Pictometry announces agreement with MDA to provide Oblique Aerial Imaging Technology to Canada

New York, USA, 08 May 2007: Pictometry announced that it has signed a business agreement with MDA Geospatial Services to provide Oblique Aerial Imaging Technology to Canada, whereby MDA is Pictometry’s exclusive provider of Pictometry image libraries and software for all of Canada.

“The Pictometry information system will provide our clients with the industry’s most powerful and proven aerial oblique imaging technology,” said Christopher Maika, Sales Director for MDA Geospatial Services.

“We are very pleased to welcome MDA into our growing list of international partners who recognize Pictometry’s leadership in providing innovative, oblique aerial imaging solutions to customers throughout the world,” said Pictometry’s International Division President Robert Carroll. “MDA’s world-class organization and reputation for excellence in geospatial technologies provides us with an incredible opportunity to expand our technology into new markets in Canada.”

MDA is a provider of information solutions for the financial services sector, the surveillance and intelligence industry, the geospatial industry, as well as space systems, including the Space Shuttle’s Canadarm and the Mobile Servicing System for the International Space Station.

Pictometry’s patented aerial imaging technology captures and catalogues image libraries of entire cities, counties, and states. The company’s aerial technology software allows users to access up to 20 oblique (3D) aerial photos of every square foot in an area. The software also enables users to instantly obtain measurements such as distance, height, and area directly from the Intelligent Images as well as overlay GIS data and create fully textured, Pictometry 3D models. For more information visit www.pictometry.com and www.mdacorporation.com.