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Pictometry and Harris Corporation introduce 3D products for ESRI ArcGIS Explorer

California, USA, 8 August 2006: Pictometry International Corp., a provider of digital, aerial oblique imagery and measuring software systems, and Harris Corporation, a provider of imagery solutions for the visualization, mapping, and government markets, announced on August 8 the availability of new 3D modeling products. This new offering combines the aerial imaging data from Pictometry with Harris’ 3D modeling and geospatial product expertise, creating a more realistic 3D viewing solution for GIS professionals. The products are available in a variety of formats accessible via ESRI’s ArcGIS Explorer.

Pictometry’s software enables users to easily access up to 12 different oblique (at an angle) views of any property, building, highway, or other feature. The software also enables users to obtain measurements such as distance, height, elevation, and area directly from the oblique imagery. Additional ESRI solutions from Pictometry include an ArcGIS extension, ArcIMS integration, ArcSDE support, and coordinate pass-through capabilities.

“The unique characteristics of Pictometry’s Intelligent Images and collection system, combined with Harris’s industry-leading image processing solutions are perfect for creating exciting high-resolution products for a range of visualization applications for civilian, commercial, and government customers,” said Tom Kubancik, Business Development Manager for the ImageLinks product line of Harris Corporation’s Government Communications Systems Division (GCSD).

“We are very pleased to be able to offer a suite of products, including Pictometry’s world renowned oblique imagery that is incorporated into true color image Orthomosaics, highly-textured 3D urban models, and high-accuracy digital elevation models. These products will provide a new level of detail and accuracy that is needed in support of the highest quality urban mapping, public safety, simulation, and visualization databases.”