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Pictometry acquires GeoEstimator

Rochester, US: Pictometry International acquired GeoEstimator, a leading provider of roof measurements based on aerial imagery. “The combination of Pictometry and GeoEstimator is a perfect match for our growing insurance and construction verticals,” said Rick Hurwitz, Pictometry CEO. “Pictometry is evolving and growing more fully into its vision of being a complete, online solutions provider for commercial industries and this acquisition marks a sizeable step in that direction.”

As a result of the acquisition, GeoEstimator’s 80-person workforce will join Pictometry’s global team but will continue to work out of their Indianapolis headquarters. In addition, Pictometry will be making a significant investment to further scale the overall operation to meet the growing demand for roof reports, as insurers recognise the benefits of quick, independent and accurate reports to speed the claims process.

GeoEstimator’s technology combines Pictometry’s high resolution imagery and measuring capabilities with reporting capabilities to create drawings and accurate calculations of roof area, lineal footage of ridge, valley, eave, rake, hip and step flashing.

Source: Pictometry