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Photogrammetric professional co selects UltraCamLp

Milwaukee, US: Microsoft’s Photogrammetry Division announced that Kucera International, organisation of photogrammetric professionals, purchased an UltraCamLp, a photogrammetric digital aerial camera system. Kucera is utilising the UltraCamLp system for aerial image collection on a unique, countrywide flood risk assessment project for the Government of Poland.

“Kucera has been very impressed with the image quality and accuracy achievable with our first UltraCamX camera system, purchased one year ago,” said John Antalovich, Jr., President of Kucera International. “It proved to be suitably rugged for the tough operating conditions we encounter. When repeat customers asked how we were able to so greatly improve our image quality over recently performed surveys, we began making plans to purchase another UltraCam. Our recent purchase of an UltraCamLp allows us to transition more of our projects from film to digital.”

“The versatility offered by UltraCam imaging systems for coverage and operational altitude make them optimal for a project of this type involving simultaneous image and LiDAR data capture over widely varying terrain conditions,” said Nat Phillips, Kucera’s Photogrammetric Acquisition Systems Manager.

Source: Microsoft