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Photo Science partners with RapidEye

Photo Science has partnered with RapidEye becoming an official reseller of RapidEye imagery. The agreement empowers Photo Science to resell the imagery and create derived datasets for clients that have traditionally utilised Landsat imagery for large areas, but haven’t had the details necessary to make more informed decisions. This teaming will deliver optical worldwide geospatial solutions for a variety of clients, for the firm’s remote sensing group.  

It will provide new image alternatives, and monitoring options, at very competitive prices. Products, such as land use/land cover and change maps, can now be produced for large areas and with better resolution. It has the ability to get 5-meter multi-spectral imagery at different times of the year and this opens up many new mapping and monitoring options.

RapidEye plans to deliver the datasets by providing affordable natural resources information with better detail, by minimising the costs associated with managing huge databases of very high-resolution aerial or satellite imagery.

Source: photoscience.com