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Philippines undertakes flood mitigation project

Manila, Philippines: The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippines, commissioned ambitious flood monitoring and prevention programme that aims to save lives and property by speeding up the delivery of accurate forecast and warning to communities.
According to Science Secretary Mario Montejo, the Philippines’ government initiated an inter-agency National Flood Forecasting, Monitoring and Mitigation programme to prevent the scale of devastation seen in the wake powerful storms in 2011.
The programme, designed to be completed in at least two years, takes a multi-pronged approach to flood control and prevention, said DOST spokesman Mon Liboro. For one, the DOST will work with other agencies to install water level sensors and automatic rain gauges in up to 17 major river systems across the country, replicating a river monitoring and warning system that has been in place at the Marikina River, Liboro said.
By design, the system aims to give early warning – at least six hours – to riverside communities in case evacuation is deemed necessary based on the forecast. The DOST aims to finish the installation of sensors within the year and treat is as important as is a three-dimensional mapping of the entire archipelago, a two-year endeavour called DREAM (Disaster Risk Exposure, Assessment and Mitigation).
DREAM’s 3D map will chart the country’s topography and waterways for use in simulating – thus, forecasting – possible flood scenarios.
Source: technology.inquirer.net