Philippines to unveil new topographic maps by March

Philippines to unveil new topographic maps by March


Philippines: The National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) in partnership with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) will be introducing a total of 227 topographic maps of Mindanao island at scale 1:50,000 by March 2013.

Mindanao is the second largest island in the Philippines and currently the eight most populous island in the world with a population of approximately 21, 583,000. The island group of Mindanao is divided into six regions, which are further subdivided into 26 provinces.

The project is part of a Php 500 million (USD 12.2 million) two-year grant aid project of the Government of Japan called “Topographic Mapping for Peace and Development in Mindanao.” According to the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the project is their biggest single undertaking when it comes to cost and area coverage.

The new topographic maps will contain information on the topography, river systems, land cover and vegetation, transportation network, infrastructure, populated areas, approximate administrative boundaries and annotation on geographic names of mountains, rivers, bays, municipalities and barangays (villages).

According to NAMRIA Administrator, Peter N. Tiangco, the new maps will serve as basic inputs in the preparation of investment plans in the areas of environmental protection and management; agriculture and fisheries development; commercial and industrial growth; tourism development; and delivery of basic social services.

Furthermore, the new maps are expected to help the government in their socio economic development activities in Mindanao.

Source: Future Gov