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Philippines to roll out unified mapping project

Philippines: Philippines is to undertake a unified mapping project. It aims to update the country’s topographic map series and would implement a more detailed 1:10,000 map series for an estimated 50 per cent of the country’s land mass.

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Instead of the typical approach wherein different government agencies do their own mapping and GIS initiatives, this effort will pool funds for the acquisition of aerial photography and satellite imagery.

DENR Secretary Ramon Paje said that around 80 per cent of planning, decision making and operations in different government agencies are being influenced by locations. He further added that the government uses spatial data for purposes such legislation, policy development, management of resources, environment protection, urban planning, and disaster management, among others.

The agency also stressed the importance of using spatial information in government agencies in the country as it would not only improve business processes but could also potentially reduce the loss of lives when used for disaster management and Geohazard mapping given the unique location of the Philippines as an archipelago.

The project will be coordinated by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority which is part of the DENR.

Source: FutureGov