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Philippines to revamp tax system

Philippines: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Philippines is moving all its businesses online by December 2013, revealed Kim Jacinto Henares, BIR Deputy Commissioner; and Lilia C. Guillermo, Deputy Commissioner, Information System Group, Philippines, in an interview with FutureGov. They informed that BIR has already connected 20 regional offices and 124 district offices to one central database. Now, it is planning to use GIS to map business areas.

In addition, BIR is looking to update its registration database and streamline the procedure for citizens to get their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), a number given to each taxpayer in the Philippines.

BIR wants to make the process of applying as well as receiving the TIN electronic, thus saving citizens’ time, said Henares. In a bid to identity fraud, BIR is also planning to create a database of biometric identities of all taxpayers by procuring such information from other government agencies that already have such databases.

Source: FutureGov