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Philippines’ province ready to adopt GIS technology

Philippines: The first regional GIS Resource Center has been opened in the Ilocos province. The National Economic and Development Authority has helped in establishing the centre.

The centre, supported by the Korea International Cooperation Agency, is equipped with desktop computers with Arc GIS software for mapping and managing geo-databases.

John F. Gagucas, of NEDA, said the centre also features a plotter to print technical drawings, maps, blueprints and global positioning system gadgets.

“This serves as a repository of geographic information and other resources which the agency and its partners can use for crafting plans and policies in pursuit of regional development,” Gagucas said.

The GIS integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.

For governments, the system uses a combination of internet and GIS for effective governance. The combination of readily available Internet access and maps is defining a new level of service for governments to both business and the public.

Initially, government web sites delivered little more than phone numbers and mission statements.

GIS has helped government Web sites become a tool for collaboration, communication and service. GIS-enabled Web sites can provide services like online booking, fee payment, and application submission that were not previously available.

NEDA will tap the expertise of the region’s GIS pool of experts, local government units and schools to provide technical assistance on GIS mapping and answer the GIS needs the general public.

According to Gagucas, they will consolidate maps from the four Ilocos provinces based on their enhanced provincial physical framework plans including the disaster risk and vulnerability assessment report which, in turn, will be used to update the regional physical framework plan.

He said the maps will be included in the GIS database for the planning and other related intents of various stakeholders.

Source: PIA