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Philippine’s microfinance company gets GIS

Philippines: The People’s Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC) entered into partnership with Key2Flex to develop its GIS. PCFC is present in 130 cities of the country and serves around 3 million customers across the country. The GIS would be the part of PCFC’s effort to further strengthen its programmes and improve the delivery of its services through a Microfinance Information Portal. Key2Flex will provide its expert services to the GIS part of this project funded by the Spanish Government’s Agencia Espanola Cooperation International (AECI) thru Fundacion CODESPA.

PCFC wholesales short, medium & long term investment loans to accredited Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). These are Rural or Cooperative Banks, Thrift Banks, Non- Government Organizations (NGOs) and Cooperatives that implement credit assistance programmes using any proven microfinance lending methodology to finance livelihood projects that can augment the income of targeted poor clients.

Bertrand Navarre, President, Key2Flex, said, “Rich Internet GIS is an innovative choice that can leverage technology to best serve PCFC’s goals and the microfinance data localisation.”

Source: Microfinance Focus