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Philippines keen to explore potential of cloud

Philippines: Cloud is still just an idea for Philippine government agencies, but most chief information officers (CIO) recognise the long-term benefits. It is the legislators and policymakers who still need convincing, according to Lilia Guillermo, Deputy Commissioner and CIO of the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The commissioner added that she was interested in the potential of cloud computing and pointed to the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s electronic filing system, which uses digital certificates, as one avenue for the future. “Maybe the next step is the cloud.” But first to enter the cloud is likely to be a GIS platform for tax mappers. “I want a tool that can show tax agents the location of point of sale machines, so we can better map areas of high business activity,” Guillermo said.

Guillermo noted that data confidentiality in the cloud was a big concern for her agency, and the conservative mindset of tax officials would prove an obstacle.

Guillermo called on the vendor community to show more transparency on pricing models.

“I want to know, on a detailed basis, the cost differential between a public and private cloud. And I want to know how the cloud can decrease costs,” she said.

Source: FutureGov