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Philippine province introduces Quantum GIS

Philippines: A five-day primer on the implementation of a Quantum Geographic Information System (QGIS) was organised by the Provincial Government of Bohol, Philippines, for National Government Agencies (NGAs) and Local Government Units (LGUs) in Bohol.

The basic information dissemination was conducted by the Australian Government Aid Program-sponsored project, Philippines Provincial Roads Management Facility (PRMF), under the tutelage of Rosalinda Paredes.

The course was aimed at defining GIS and its relationship with modern mapping methods, provide an understanding on the basics of mapping and what map elements represent, introduce concepts of spatial data models and databases and explain the difference between cartography and spatial information systems and the management and value of this information. The course also let the participants identified the main sources of spatial information and GIS services available.

During the course, experts illustrated the value of GIS through numerous case studies and discussed how these relate to the local environment and potential applications, work through the GIS project management lifecycle and ensure participants have good levels of understanding of the processes involved, and introduced the use of a Free and Open–Source Software for Geography (FOSS-4G) in general and particularly the FOSS-4G software, QGIS. Participants with high-level computers skills were preferred by the trainers and familiarity with databases was a plus factor.

Source: www.theboholstandard.com