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Philippine GIS Digital Map Data (1 : 5000 Scale)

A&A Geoinformatics Corporation has completed the GIS dataset for CEBU City. These data contain the basic GIS layers such as roads, buildings, vegetation, waterways and major landmarks of the city. Digital maps of the area are available in different formats. These were encoded using Bentley’s Microstation J Geographics series of software. Cebu City is the main economic hub of the southern Philippines. It is hoped that these datasets will be used by various Government agencies as a base data for their different kinds of land zoning projects.

AAG is a provider of digital map data of the Philippines. We offer customized CAD-GIS map data for major Philippine cities (Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Baguio) in Microstation, AutoCAD, Arcview Shape File, MapInfo, Arcinfo, and DXF formats.