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Philippine Cartography republished

Philippines: Vibal Foundation is republishing the work of national artist for historical literature Carlos Quirino, called Philippine Cartography to spark interest in maps among a generation whose concept of cartography is limited to Google Maps.

Considered a landmark in Philippine maps and cartographers, as well as the only published comprehensive bibliography of Philippine maps and prints, the third edition of Philippine Cartography is part of Vibal Foundation’s Filipiniana Clasica line. Only 100 copies of the breakthrough work were published when it first came out in 1959. An equally limited number was produced in Amsterdam in 1963 for the second edition. This third edition now incorporates the corrections Quirino introduced in the Amsterdam edition of the book, but also adds several new maps and foldout pages.

In Manila, the first edition of the book would cost PHP 25,000 to PHP 35,000.

Dr. Leovino Ma. Garci, the book’s editor, map collector and scholar, said, “Somebody has to interpret the map, to articulate the narrative. Maps not only show you where you are and where you want to go, but it also tells you who you are. It’s about identity and memory.

Source:  Manila Bulletin