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Phil AHIS helps eradicate dreaded FMD

Manila, Philippines: The Department of Agriculture (DA) succeeded in monitoring and eventually eradicated the dreaded foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) among livestock through the electronic Philippine Animal Health Information System (Phil AHIS).

One of the advantages of the system is its compatibility to other analytical tools such as the GIS applications. This makes the system more useful in terms of disease surveillance and investigation.

Phil AHIS was designed to intensify the information network and quick reaction to outbreaks of FMD, which affected 99,000 animals in 1995, the highest number of livestock hit by the disease. The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) said that FMD has been eradicated in much of the country, for which reason the livestock industry in many regions earned certifications of being FMD-free from the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) or the World Organization for Animal Health.

Phil-AHIS stores and processes electronic data designed to enhance the animal health information management capability of the country by providing standard, timely and information-based reports through the use of automatic report generation.

The system will serve as centralised database for animal health information even as it aims to help frontline personnel, researchers, policy makers, farmers, stakeholders and other animal production specialists in the formulation of information-based decisions relevant in the prevention, management and control of animal diseases.

Source: Manila Bulletin