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Phase One Industrial launches new camera series that can be used on UAS

US: Phase One Industrial, which provides aerial imaging technologies, has launched its iXM-RS metric camera series and new Aerial Systems, which can be used on UAS.

Full frame, 150 megapixels and available in RGB and Achromatic models, the iXM-RS150F camera is capable of increased productivity in a wide range of aerial image acquisition projects, thanks to its “ultra-high resolution (14204 x10652) backside illuminated CMOS sensor, fast capture speed (2 fps) and enhanced light sensitivity.”

Phase One Industrial says that the iXM-RS camera is the “imaging heart” of its Aerial System, which is a fully integrated platform for mapping and surveying.

“Our customers need flexible, efficient imaging solutions for projects that demand superior accuracy and efficiency,” explains Dov Kalinski, General Manager of Phase One Industrial.

“We are committed to helping our customers succeed, therefore we have designed the new iXM-RS camera series and Aerial Systems to exploit the powerful resolution and light sensitivity available from state-of-the-art sensor technology. We aim to deliver the most comprehensive performance for a wide range of photogrammetric applications.”

The two new 150- and 100-megapixel iXM-RS cameras feature Phase One Industrial’s RS lens series with seven field replaceable focal length options, ranging from 32mm to 150mm. These lenses are designed and built for aerial photography by Rodenstock and Schneider Kreuznach, and are “factory calibrated for infinity focus.” Additionally, they are each equipped with a “central 1/2500 sec. leaf shutter.”

Phase One Industrial has also introduced a new addition to its fully integrated Aerial Systems: a “150MP configuration with either a single frame sensor for RGB imaging or a four-band Aerial System with dual frame sensors for RGB and NIR imaging.”

A camera is included in each Aerial System, as well as other components such as the iX Controller, Somag stabilizer, Applanix GPS/ IMU unit and the Phase One flight planning and management software iX Plan and iX Flight.

According to Phase One Industrial, the new iXM-RS150F and iXM-RS100F single frame cameras can be used standalone for photogrammetric work, or as part of a multi-camera array for customized applications, including high-resolution oblique camera systems and Lidar systems. They can also be integrated with other flight management systems and GPS/IMU receivers.

The Phase One Industrial iXM camera platform supports several interfaces for camera controls and storage, including USB-C interface to enable “faster yet flexible” data transfer or longer cable length with 10G Ethernet (with either fiber or copper options). Local storage is also included with XQD cards, HDMI output with 2K video, and overlays to support high-end integration of UAS.