Peterborough: environment capital of the UK

Peterborough: environment capital of the UK


UK: In Peterborough in the UK, which aims to become the country’s “environment capital”, the city council, the regeneration agency Opportunity Peterborough and the private sector have used satellite imagery, aerial photography and 3D maps to create an image of the town’s environmental performance on an online platform.

Peterborough residents will soon have access to data on energy, water and transport use in order to improve energy consumption, whether in their home or workplace. The city is also closely cooperating with house-builders and utility companies to ensure that all new developments are linked to efficient energy supply from the planning stages.

Trevor Gibson, Peterborough’s director of environment capital, says, “Technological advances allow cities to collate data and interpret it in ways not achieved before so that we can manage development in a more energy efficient way.” Peterborough is also home to one of two new zero-carbon housing developments under the government’s “Carbon Challenge” to the construction industry.”

Source: Guardian