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Peru signs $213mn contract for its maiden EO system

Peru: For its maiden earth observation mission, Peru has signed an agreement with France to purchase a $213 million satellite. Airbus Defence and Space was awarded the contract to develop, construct and launch this earth observation optical satellite system.

Peru Earth Observation System

Satellite Name


Contract winner

Airbus Defence and Space

Value of Contract

$213 million


2.5 metres

Based on

Astrobus platform

Artistic rendition of Airbus Defence & Space' Astrobus satellite platform.

The contract covers supply of a ground control segment, image reception and processing centre, as well as a complete training programme for Peruvian engineers and technicians for developing tailored imaging applications.

The Asrosat-300 satellite, based on the Astrobus platform, will be able to provide Peruvian authorities most accurate information to take measures to prevent natural disasters by researching and predicting weather patterns. The high-resolution satellite, from a low sun-synchronous orbit, comprises an optical system capable of capturing images with a resolution of 2.5 meters.

Source: Airbus Defence and Space