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Peru keen to develop high-resolution satellite

Peru: National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA), Peru, completed a study to determine the best solution to meet the Law 28799, which defines need of imagery for national interest. Through the study, the CONIDA proposes a high resolution satellite (up to 1 metre resolution) for the country. 
In an interview with Peruvian daily, Colonel Henry Pasco FAP Barriga, Head of CONIDA said that he is confident the government will choose a more powerful satellite than FASat Charlie Chile. He observed that the satellite Peru needs should be able to capture images with a resolution greater than 2.5 meters, up to 1 meter in full colour.
He explained that Peruvian earth observation satellite will weigh 80 – 200 kilograms. It will be in orbit at 680 kilometre altitude with a life expectancy of seven years or more, with agility to take pictures in areas of interest and natural disasters.
Source: connuestroperu.com