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Peregrine Systems releases Property Asset Management 2.0

Peregrine Systems, Inc., an Infrastructure Management software company, has introduced its Property Asset Management solution at Synergy02, Peregrine’s annual users conference and industry forum. This suite of products offers a comprehensive, Web-based system designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate friction in the management of an organization’s most expensive assets: real estate and facilities.

Property Asset Management forms a key part of Peregrine’s end-to-end Infrastructure Management offerings, allowing customers to gain control of real estate life-cycle costs and increase building efficiencies. By providing the information and tools required to manage and plan for the best use of workspaces, Peregrine’s solution enables companies to get the most value from their existing space and ensure their real estate portfolio matches business needs at the lowest possible expenses.

Property Asset Management 2.0 incorporates all of the functions that Gartner listed as critical for managing the ideal workspace, including visual graphical access and reporting capabilities of computer-aided design (CAD) tools, geographic information systems (GIS) and business intelligence systems. Peregrine’s Property Asset Management manages for planned and unplanned maintenance activities to ensure that facilities retain their functionality and value over time.

Property Asset Management expands its original Web-based technology with improved contract management, project management (interfaced with Microsoft Project), notification services, contact management and property management functionality. In addition, it offers integrated business intelligence and workflow management to embed best practices in the easy-to create automated graphical flow diagrams.