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People don’t volunteer for crime mapping: Survey

UK: More than 5.2 million people in the UK have not reported crimes for fear of deterring home buyers or renters since the UK’s Home Office’s online crime map (https://www.police.uk/) was launched in February 2011, according to a survey by Direct Line, an insurance company.
An online poll of 2,685 adults conducted on behalf of the insurance company found that, of the people not reporting crimes, nearly 4 million, or 75 percent, ignored antisocial behaviour such as drug dealing or vandalism for fear of demeaning the neighbourhood.
However, Direct Line observed that online police crime maps are playing an increasingly important role in property purchase and rental decisions. Nearly 75 percent of people would use a police online crime map to research a new home and would be deterred by high levels of reported crime, the findings show.
24 percent of people would not report a future crime if they felt it would affect their ability to sell or rent out their property. A further 9 percent would actively discourage a neighbour from reporting a crime if they felt it would impact their ability to move.
Andrew Morrell, head of Direct Line Home Insurance, said: “It is extremely worrying that we may see crimes go unreported. Householders who do not report a crime may struggle to secure payment from their insurer for any losses incurred, as they will not have a crime number to reference an incident occurred.”
Source: Direct Line