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Pentax-Garmin GPS Bundle announced

Geospatial Experts, creators of GPS-Photolink software, have announced that they’ve selected the Pentax Optio WPi to be bundled with a Garmin GPS receiver and their software. The low cost, waterproof, dustproof camera makes the bundle a good choice for first-time photomapping users. The GPS-Photolink software creates a web page for each watermarked image that is overlaid with GIS data (like satellite imagery and street maps). The software links up images to GPS data without the need for cables. Just take a picture of the GPS screen at the beginning of the day, and GPS-Photolink links everything together. Along with the Pentax Optio WPi, the Garmin GPS60 handheld GPS received was selected because it’s waterproof, rugged, and has upgradeable memory for users who need to capture thousands of data points.