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Penobscot Bay Media awarded Bureau of Reclamation

The US Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), Pacific Northwest Region, has awarded Penobscot Bay Media (PenBay) a phased contract to provide geospatially-enabled application development support to their Lands Resources Program staff in that region. The contract requires conducting a user needs analysis, producing an application design document, and developing a working prototype of a geospatially-enabled application and data storage environment. Premier Data Services (Premier) will collaborate with PenBay on the project. BOR currently develops digital information pertaining to reclamation lands, recreation sites, and facilities. Each of its several regional offices requires the same information to support daily and long-term business processes. Reclamation has tapped PenBay to develop a computer application that provides consolidated desktop access to this available digital information. Concurrently, BOR’s Pacific Northwest Region Geographic Information Systems (GIS) group is enhancing its information technology infrastructure to better support storage and retrieval of this digital information.