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PDS foodgrains in India to be tracked using GPS

India: In a move that might help in blocking the channels via which food grains meant for public distribution reaches the black market, the Delhi Government has announced that it will track the trucks carrying foodgrains with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices.

The Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs has started work on the setting up of a comprehensive web based, real-time tracking system for effective implementation of the Public Distribution System.

“The objective is to continuously track the movement of vehicles to ensure that the ration commodities are properly and timely delivered to the FPS and are not diverted to the open market,”SS Yadav, Food Supply and Weights and Measures Commissioner told media.

The project will be implemented by the Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation (DSCSC) which is responsible for supplying foodgrains from the six Food Corporation of India (FCI) godowns in Delhi to about 2,500 Fair Price Shops (FPS) across the city.

"For the transportation, DSCSC deploys 300 trucks every month. There have been a number of complaints about diversion of these items. But leveraging information technology can provide a permanent solution to curb the menace of diversion of foodgrains by real time tracking of vehicles," Yadav added.

Source: Economic Times