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PC*MILER|Rail 13 for rail industry launched

Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 24 August 2006: ALK Technologies, Inc. announced the release of PC*MILER|Rail 13, the latest version of the rail industry’s essential routing, mileage and mapping software. ALK was the first and remains the only provider of rail routing and mileage software, for rate determination and negotiation, equipment management, rail car mileage auditing and carrier selection, and more.

PC*MILER|Rail 13 is the tool for railroads, shippers, rail car lessors, rail car mileage auditors, logistics companies and intermodal carriers. It provides accurate and comprehensive North American rail database and industry-leading tools. PC*MILER|Rail 13 represents the continued evolution of the first rail routing mileage and mapping software introduced by ALK.

For over 25 years, ALK has used the solution in many traffic diversion studies, and a variety of costing applications. It has proven to be an accurate source for determining the routes and mileage for the U.S. Surface Transportation Board’s Carload Waybill Sample. “We update our data through several industrial sources”, said Monica Darrow, Product Marketing Manager. “PC*MILER|Rail reflects the most recent rail network changes. It is the industry’s definitive resource for major and minor railroad acquisitions, mergers and abandonments.”

PC*MILER|Rail 13 features 240,000-miles of North American rail lines with 1,072 additional active freight stations from the previous version for a total of 49,857. There are 9 additional railroads for a total of 700 and more than 3,400 unique junction interchanges plus enhanced interline routing.

Like its predecessors in the PC*MILER family, PC*MILER|Rail affords new functionality to meet the changing needs of the transportation community. For example, its new Auto Racks routing option provides an additional routing option for multi-level rail cars. Auto Racks joins traditional routing options such as Intermodal and Coal/Bulk.

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