PCI Geomatics wins Canadian Space Agency contract

PCI Geomatics wins Canadian Space Agency contract


Canada, September 12, 2014: PCI Geomatics has won a contract from the Canadian Space Agency to develop a commercial end-to-end interferometric processing capability for environmental monitoring.

David Piekny, Product Marketing Manager at PCI Geomatics said “PCI Geomatics has a long history in terms of developing software tools to make it easy for end users to work with SAR Imagery. The addition of interferometric capability to our Geomatica software suite will be a great addition to our SAR capability.”

This deal will allow PCI to develop an end-to-end, commercial interferometric processing and visualization capability designed to considerably decrease the processing requirements and operational constraints faced when using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data by non-SAR experts.

The extracted land motion estimates will be more easily integrated as the software will be reformatted to virtually any map projection and combine results with vector, optical, cadastral or map data to augment the spatial context.

The targeted application areas for new software include urban subsidence, mineral extraction, oil and gas extraction, pipeline monitoring, volcano monitoring, transportation networks, and landslide prediction.

The software is expected to be released in 2016

Source: PCI Geomatics